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Manual Machining/CNC

Turning, Milling, Drilling & Tapping Facilities

A range of manual/CNC turning, milling, drilling and tapping facilities also available for prototype and small order quantities.

At Boldvale Engineering we pride ourselves on providing CNC machining and high quality custom machined components for all your machining requirements.

We provide a fast, friendly and flexible service to a wide range of customers in a variety of industries including the Aerospace, Automotive, Architectural industries with a great number of customer relationships being formed over many years.

Sub Contract

Large Range of Treatments & Finishes

We also provide a wide range of treatments and finishes to your specification. Anodizing, Alocrom, Plating, Heat Treatment all supplied by our approved Sub Contactors.

We can also use approved sub-contractors to provide anodising, laser cutting, water jet cutting, zinc plating, powder coating, electro polishing and tube forming.

CNC Turning

Engineering Solution

With our turning capacity Boldvale Engineering is sure to have the solution.
This is combined with our vast experience in a range of materials including:

  • Titanium
  • Stainless steel (316, 304, 303 etc)
  • Steel (black and bright mild )
  • Aluminium (6000 and 5000 series)
  • We can source other Aluminium Alloys .e.g. 2014, 2024, L163, L168 etc.
  • Brass & bronze
  • Engineering plastics and Phenolic s e.g. Acetal, Nylon, PEAK, PETP, PTFE, SRBF etc.

CNC Punching

Continual investment in machinery for our production facility gives Boldvale Engineering the ability to cut precise and intricate shapes in all materials with aid of offline software to manipulate .dxf files. Our large range of punches aids increased control over quality, cost reduction and faster delivery times.

Euromac CNC Punching Machine:

Our Model is a BX1000/30 Autoindex and has a working envelope of approximately 40’’ x 50’’. Its 30 ton punching power enables the six station tool turret to work at its best for short run, proto-types or large batches in materials up to 1.5mm comfortably, but with bigger die clearances it can punch slightly thicker sheets.


Folding, Rolling & Forming

Range of Metal Folding Services

If you need a range of metal folding, bending and rolling services or would simply like to delve into our extensive knowledge and experience, we’d be delighted to help. Alternatively, if you’d like us to work alongside you or within your direct teams we can also help having proven over the past 40 years that we can add value to often difficult and diverse metalwork requirements.

Hydraulic Press Breaks

Hydraulic press breaks are used for the majority of our metal folding, forming and bending. Using up to 180 tonnes of pressure on sheet lengths up to 2.5m enables folding of up to 3mm Ferrous Steels, Aluminium’s & Stainless Steels.

Rolling & Forming

Rolling and forming curves in Sheet metal whether on a set of rollers or by shrinking and stretching is never a simple process and always best left to experts with the correct equipment and knowledge. Repeated rolling passes, variable pressures and finite calibration are all used to produce exact products for our clients.

Simple & Complex Fabrications

We undertake both simple and complex fabrications, including the use of folding and rolling metalwork, to produce parts such as access ramps, cabinets, plates, bracketry, complex sink units with pipe work for water drainage and work decks for large wide bodied Aircraft galleys. Our technical knowledge for Aircraft Catering Equipment and related assemblies have endless possibilities.

Talk to Us About Your Project!

To talk a project through with us or to understand more about what we can do for you why not email:-

or call on 0208 606 2121.

Metal Polishing

Skilled Metal Polishing on all Metals

Attention to detail

We have skilled polishers who are experienced in all types of polished finish on all metals. We can provide a highly mirror polish finish and light or heavy grained satin finish. We can also polish in tight corners and hard to get at places for an overall aesthetically pleasing look for the discerning airline customer.
If you are looking for a nationwide metal polishing service with an expert finish, then you are in the safest of hands when you choose Boldvale Engineering to carry out your metal polishing and cleaning. We have decades of experience, so we can offer a complete metal polishing service.
We specialise in providing specialist metal polishing options, tailored to the individual application. Our team have experience working with all metals and alloys, from the everyday to the rare and exotic.

When you discuss your metal polishing requirements with us, we will need to consider the metals used in your items; this allows us to select the most effective polishing techniques. The range of metal polishing techniques includes hand polishing and finishing.

Furthermore, we can even change the look of your metal items by applying our finishing techniques. We’re proud to be on the forefront of metal polishing and cleaning developments; we offer the latest in metal coating technology to keep your metal surfaces pristine for longer using our approved sub-contractors.

Boldvale work with the following metals:

  • Stainless steel polishing of all grades
  • Aluminium of all grades
  • Copper
  • Brass

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are on the lookout for a top class metal polishing, cleaning, and finishing service.
Our team are always on hand to discuss your options, and can offer pricing quotes.

Paint Spraying

Dedicated Spray Services

We operate a dedicated spray booth with box oven offering general primer finishes as well as epoxy coatings and low temperature finishes. All coatings are available with primer undercoats and fillers. We offer full traceability and safety for Aircraft paint priming using PR143 and store our paints in a dedicated lockable cabinet. We can offer small to medium batch work with a quick lead time and turnaround.

Powder coatings are also available through our approved sub-contractors which include polyester, epoxy and epoxy polyester coatings in a range of colours, textures and gloss levels.


Materials & Traceability

Extensive Experience

We have extensive experience in machining a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and plastics. A range of materials are held in stock to cater for our customer's requirements, minimizing lead times and ensuring reliable delivery all of materials are sourced from quality approved suppliers, from verified and vetted sources. Full traceability Certificates of Conformity and mill certificates can also be provided as standard and on request.

Materials Used

  • Titanium
  • Stainless steel (316, 304, 303 etc)
  • Steel (black and bright mild )
  • Aluminium (6000 and 5000 series)
  • We can source other Aluminium Alloys .e.g. 2014, 2024, L163, L168 etc.
  • Brass & bronze
  • Engineering plastics and Phenolic s e.g. Acetal, Nylon, PEAK, PETP, PTFE, SRBF etc.


  • ISO 9001. We comply with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 and creating pro-active relationships with all existing and potential customers.
  • We have invested in increasing the knowledge and experience of all employees over the last 4 decades.
  • We provide innovative methods of manufacturing.
  • Pursuing non-conformance prevention through inter departmental collaboration.
  • All of our employees understand the principles of the quality system and sharing the responsibility of producing a quality product.
  • These Company ideals will lead to continual improvement of processes, controls and product conformity.
  • Our welders are tested thoroughly by a UKAS accredited test house and approved by the CAA annually
  • for TIG process in stainless steel and aluminium sheet. Certs can be produced on request.

Click here to download our 9001-2015 accreditation.